As someone who grew up around Burlington Ontario, the Paletta Mansion has always been a place of intrigue. I distinctly remember my Nan taking me to visit the park when I was a child, and in my youth I was certain that the old house held an abundance of both history and magic within its old stone walls. It turns out that I was only half wrong, as the Paletta Mansion is indeed rich with history (The land originally was owned by Laura Secord herself, though that was over one hundred years before the mansion was built), but so far there has been no proof of any magic. I have always wanted to photograph a wedding at Paletta, so you can imagine my delight when Nadine and Artiom reached out to me to photograph theirs.

The sign for the Paletta Mansion in Burlington Ontario
Bridal Details at Paletta Mansion
The bride in front of her wedding dress hanging in a window at Paletta Mansion
A bride looks up at her wedding dress as it is hanging at Paletta Mansion
The bride's mother helping her put on her wedding earrings at Paletta Mansion
The bride getting her makeup touched up by The Real Beauty Experts at Paletta Mansion
The brides mother putting her veil on at Paletta Mansion

The day started out in the gorgeous Warman room, which was being used as a bridal suite where Nadine, her bridesmaids, and her mother were getting ready. Nadine opted to wear two different dresses throughout the day, a beautiful satin and lace ballgown from Dreams Bridal for the ceremony, and a lighter tulle and lace dress from Valentina's Bridal Boutique for the first look and reception. The team at The Real Beauty Experts did an incredible job with making this wonderful group of women look and feel their very best, and you could tell that everyone was in great spirits by the time they were finished getting ready.

The groom putting his jacket on at Paletta Mansion
A close up of the grooms boutonniere at Paletta Mansion
The groom and his best man waiting in the groom suite at Paletta Mansion
The grooms mother putting his boutonniere on at Paletta Mansion

Artiom, his groomsmen, and family were preparing for their day downstairs in the Royal Bank Room, which served as the groom's suite for the days festivities. When I walked in, it was very clear that this was the group on balloon duty, as there was a forest of ribbons hanging down from the balloons that danced around the ceiling. Once both groups were ready to go, it was time for Artiom and Nadine to make their way down to the waterfront for their first look, and portraits.

A bride and groom looking at each other as they walk towards the lake at Paletta Mansion
The bride and groom by the lake at Paletta Mansion
The bride and groom looking lovingly into each other's eyes at Paletta Mansion
A closeup of the bride and groom as they look out over the lake at Paletta Mansion
The bride and groom share a kiss on the balcony of Paletta Mansion
The bride and groom sitting on a window seat at Paletta Mansion

As guests started to arrive, it was time for Nadine and Artiom to tuck out of view, and get ready for the ceremony. The beautiful stone terrace was dressed up in flowers, ribbons, and balloons for the upcoming ceremony. It was a wonderful spot to say "I do", overlooking the expansive lawn with the trees and lake beyond. Nadine and Artiom couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for their wedding either. The sun twinkling across the top of the lake was a beautiful backdrop for this sweet couple's wedding.

The back of the bride and her bridesmaids as they prepare to walk downstairs at Paletta Mansion
The bride and her father walking down the aisle at Paletta Mansion
A wedding Ceremony in front of the lake at Paletta Mansion
A wedding Ceremony in front of the lake at Paletta Mansion
A wedding Ceremony in front of the lake at Paletta Mansion
A wedding group shot in front of the lake at Paletta Mansion

After a beautifully heartfelt ceremony, and a few group photos it was party time! Cocktails on the terrace in the late afternoon summer air kicked off what was going to be a very fun reception.

A bridal party walks along the grounds of Paletta Mansion
Cocktails on the terrace of Paletta Mansion
Cocktails on the terrace at Paletta Mansion

The reception was upstairs in the Great Room, with large windows letting in the last bit of the evenings light, and afforded all in attendance a gorgeous vantage point to watch the sunset over the lake. In one windowed alcove sat their adorable wedding cake, the top tier of which was made by La Patissiere. After dinner, as the speeches started it became even clearer to me how much love surrounded this young couple. Tears were shed, hugs and kisses were shared, and the bride was kidnapped by the groomsmen and held for ransom until the groom found her and professed his undying love for her. You know, typical wedding things.

The wedding reception room at Paletta Mansion
A bride and groom kiss at their reception at Paletta Mansion
A bride and groom cut their cake in the Grand Room at Paletta Mansion

Once dessert wrapped up, we all made our way back downstairs to the dancefloor. Their first dance was something out of a movie. As "All of me" by John Legend played, the newlyweds twirled and spun across the dancefloor. The other formal dances which followed were equally sweet, and then it was time to have our grand exit.

A bride and grooms first dance at Paletta Mansion
A bride and grooms first dance at Paletta Mansion
A night portrait of the bride and groom at Paletta Mansion
A grand Exit with bubbles at Paletta Mansion

As we headed outside for the final photos of the night, we could hear laughter and song drifting out from the party still going on inside. With the mansion sitting under a clear night sky, and with warmth emanating from the open windows, it became clear that maybe The Paletta Mansion does still hold a little magic every once in a while.

Bride and Groom dipping and kissing at Paletta Mansion