High Park

Probably the first park one thinks of when they think of Toronto parks, High Park is an excellent location to take engagement photos. There is a ton of variety within the park, from hiking trails to manicured gardens, river-views, and water features. There are certain festivals and times of years that do require a permit (looking at you, cherry blossoms) but the park has so much to offer that you can really get stunning photos all year round without having to fight off the crowds at the festivals.

Ontario Place & Trillium Park

Another excellent option for getting a ton of variety within a short walking distance. Ontario Place and Trillium Park offer beautiful Toronto skyline views, lovely gardens, a small rocky beach, and tons of twinkle lights in the trees after dark!

Toronto Islands

Well known for it's beaches, bike rentals, and view of the Toronto skyline, the Toronto Islands are a great location to take your engagement photos. Instead of the ferry, take one of the water taxis on over to the island and make an adventurous date of it!

Tommy Thompson Park / Leslie St Spit

Less busy than both Ontario Place and the Islands, Tommy Thompson Park is one of our absolute favourite spots to capture our couple's engagement photos at. The light here around sunset is phenomenal, and in our opinion it offers the best view of the Toronto Skyline. Plus, the brick beaches are really unique and add great visual interest to your engagement photos. If you are choosing this location for your engagement photos and you think you are going to wear heels, our one piece of advice to you is to bring along a pair of sneakers with you, as the walk to some of the better spots can take upwards of 45 minutes.

Bonus Option: Toronto Music Gardens

Okay, so technically you do need a permit to take your photos at the Toronto Music Gardens, but the permit is fairly low (around $50 as of 2022) and the gardens are WELL worth it. The light here at golden hour is stunning, and you have a huge variety of backdrops all located within a very small park, so it is a great place to get a ton of variety in a short amount of time.